Designed by an artist and sewn by hand with love.
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Smockingbird Styles & Sizing

We have so many favorite styles and are always coming up with new designs!  Our sizing is intended to be very true-to-size and consistent among styles.  Although every child is unique, a size 4 should fit an average 4-year-old (40", 40#), a size 5 should fit an average 5-year-old (43", 43#), and so on.   

We also try to design with room to grow so that a longer dress this year can work as a tunic next year and a top the following.  Click on each style below for detailed sizing and fit information so that you can size up or down depending on your child's height and weight, as well as the look you are going for.

Ballerina Dress

Brooke Dress

Eden Dress

Ellie Top

Flutter Dress

Ireland Dress

Madeleine Dress

Mira Dress

Mollie Dress

Peasant Top

Phoebe Tunic

Puffer Dress

Quinn Dress

Ruby Top

Ruffled Shorties

Sophie Dress

Suri Dress

Tank Dress

Tilly Tunic

The Little Knit Dress

 Zaina Dress