Designed by an artist and sewn by hand with love.
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About Us

Smockingbird Fine Children's Apparel's business philosophy is simple: do the right thing and the money will follow. 


We spend hours considering fabric and trim combinations so that each garment we design is beautiful, unique, wearable art.  We use only the finest quality fabrics and thread, and we sew each piece by hand with careful craftsmanship that will last through generations of play.  We don't skimp even on the special buttons and details that make each outfit so darling.  We sew in limited quantities so that we can always deliver on quality -- and so your child can feel special wearing limited edition fashion. 

We promise to provide excellent customer service, every time. We want you to love our clothing and our company.  

We believe you will.

Meet the team...


Lover of all things creative: designing, sewing, painting, photography, cooking, scrapbooking.  Runner, avid reader, NPR junkie, artist, closet interior designer, juggler of left and right brains, clothes horse, inspired by beauty, possibly addicted to buffalo sauce, organizer extraordinaire, art collector, generally itching to travel (44/50 states, 18 countries), known to wear legal hat, shoe maven, lover of sunrises and sunsets, beach bum, drawn to all things playful and fun, and connoisseur of great foods.  And wines.

The Smockingbirdies

Sophie.  Big sister. Fashionista. Model extraordinaire. Soccer superstar. Budding artist. Loves painting, gluesticks, American Girl dollies and music. Swims like a fish. Part mermaid.

Mollie.  Little sister. Comedian. Loves her blankie, juice and oreos. Aspiring actress & professional chaos creator. Wrecking Ball.


The Mockingbird

Loyal, grey-black-white feathers, protective mama, singer, weaves nest of twigs, bears speckled blue eggs, enjoys seeds and berries, known to dive-bomb nest peepers, favors crepe myrtle and other bushy trees, inspired Smockingbird clothing line, still lives in the area.