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#lovetrain Fun Giving Back Growing Up Smockingbird Love Our Little Life Style Positive Smockingbirdies St. Jude's Valentine's Day

In case you missed the scads of posts and photos on our Facebook page, Smockingbird has been busy with something extra special this week. <img src="" alt="photo 2 (4).JPG" /> We're all about paying it forward at Smockingbird.  Our business philosophy itself is pretty much that: do the right thing and the money will follow.  So we were excited to hear that NewDayNewDeals was organizing the #LoveTrain2014.  All aboard the LoveTrain, y'all! Joining the #LoveTrain was easy peasy.  Children across the country made handmade valentines and picked up festive goodies to send to children at St. Jude's Cancer Research Hospital.  What a...

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Smockingbirdies' First Snow Day!

Boots Fun Growing Up Smockingbird Hatley Smockingbirdies Snow Winter

Smockingbirdies' First Snow Day! January 30, 2014 Being from the South (and only 2 and 5 years old) the Smockingbirdies had yet to experience the fun that is a Snow Day! Well they finally got their wish this week and couldn't wait to get outside and taste their first snow flakes. <img src="" alt="smockingbird-snowday-10.jpg" /> It actually took us more time getting dressed for the snow than we spent outside. It was COLD! <img src="" alt="smockingbird-snowday-9.jpg" /> The puppy dog loved it - he hasn't seen much snow in his life either so he was determined to make this count....

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Livie Love

Brands We Love Livie & Luca Spring

We are so excited to be carrying Livie and Luca shoes!!  We love them and think you will, too.  Spring Livies launch today and are available at  Score free shipping this weekend only with Code LLSpring14. <img src="" alt="livies2.jpg" /> Petals match EVERYTHING.  Especially Smockingbird pretties.  Stock up now on their patent leather goodness.  If I had a dollar for every time someone asks where we got the shoes...  Buy some, you'll see! <img src="" alt="pio_purple_product.jpg" /> Pio pios are the cutest!  We are big fans of birds here at Smockingbird, so these are definitely on the must-have shopping list...

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Mixing It Up

Brands We Love Livie & Luca Smockingbirdies Spring Tea Collection

We've been giddy with boxes and boxes of new Livie & Luca shoes to sort and pack and ship and generally drool over.  The Smockingbirdies are loving the new spring colors.  I'm partial to the sparkly little bird on the Mint Pio Pios.  You can't really see it in the stock photos, but the bird comes alive in sunlight.  So pretty. <img src="" /> But today the girls wanted to mix it up with Petals (their go-to girly patents), Tar-JAY jeggings, Peppercorn Kids Necklaces, and another boutique favorite, Tea Collection dresses.  Their wrap dresses are so fun!  Add peanut butter & honey English muffins.  And Dora music.  Hello dance party...

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