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News — Thanksgiving


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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.   Growing up we enjoyed huge Thanksgiving dinners at Grandma's house.  Tables of food snaked from the kitchen into the rest of the house.  Tons of people came.  Family.  Extended family.  Family friends.  Pretty much anybody who didn't have a place to go was welcome.  I loved the house full and buzzing with excitement.   Thanksgiving always started early with cooking, mimosas, the Macy's parade, and kids sneaking rolls from the table . . . then progressed to Grandpa carving the bird and a big midday meal with stories and so much laughter . . . then a...

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Ditching Black Friday for a Halo

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Black Friday has become so crazy that I'm not a big fan.  I love the hunt for a bargain and scoring great prices on amazing products.  But it's hard for me to get behind a holiday where people trample each other for DVDs, skip family time and Thanksgiving dinner to stand in line for days, and fill up their carts with excessive CRAP in the name of a sale.  I also feel it's pretty rotten when stores open on Thanksgiving to get a jump on the competition, essentially trading their employees' holiday for profit.  It's consumerism at its worst. <img src="" /> Between my strong feelings on...

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