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Mixing It Up

Brands We Love Livie & Luca Smockingbirdies Spring Tea Collection

We've been giddy with boxes and boxes of new Livie & Luca shoes to sort and pack and ship and generally drool over.  The Smockingbirdies are loving the new spring colors.  I'm partial to the sparkly little bird on the Mint Pio Pios.  You can't really see it in the stock photos, but the bird comes alive in sunlight.  So pretty. <img src="" /> But today the girls wanted to mix it up with Petals (their go-to girly patents), Tar-JAY jeggings, Peppercorn Kids Necklaces, and another boutique favorite, Tea Collection dresses.  Their wrap dresses are so fun!  Add peanut butter & honey English muffins.  And Dora music.  Hello dance party...

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