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News — Spring

Meet Harper and Riley

Bird Brand Rep Growing Up Smockingbird Kids Fashion Livie & Luca Louisiana Mississippi Sizing Smockingbird Smockingbirdies Spring

We have been so excited to work with two new girlies this week!  Our search for Smockingbird Guest Brand Reps led us to these two cuties, and we couldn't be happier to have them on Team Smockingbird.  The girls were up for interviews and shared some of their favorites. Harper is such a precious child!  She lives in Hattiesburg, MS and is always happy and smiling. Mom Lauren is an amazing photographer, so you've probably seen Harp on our pages before!    Harper's Faves: Favorite Foods: chocolate, pasta, and strawberries  Favorite Activities: swimming, dancing, riding bikes, playing dress-up, painting/coloring Favorite Animals: kitties,...

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Run and Buy These Wings Now.

Brands We Love Butterfly Douglas Toys Gro Growing Up Smockingbird Livie & Luca Outside Smockingbird Smockingbirdies Spring Style

When a mama tipped me off to these amazing wings, I picked up a couple of them on Amazon for the Smockingbirdies.  They are such a hit!   I chose butterfly wings for the girls.  Sophie chose a multi-colored butterfly and immediately ran all over the yard flapping her wings.  Mollie picked the Monarch.  She is hilarious and fluttered around yelling "I am the queen."  Mostly I loved that the wings encouraged imaginative play and running around outside.  I'm thinking they will be great for summer. The wings are made from a lightweight nylon that floats nicely.  The vibrant colors are gorgeous (and coordinated surprisingly well with the girls' Smockingbird outfits...

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State of the Shoeniverse

Brands We Love Cats Jelly Shoes Mini Melissa Mommy & Me Pugs Shoes Smockingbird Spring Style

It's been a while!  We've been so busy shipping shoes I haven't had a moment to blog about them.  That's what we call good problems here in Smockingbirdland. So to catch everybody up, Mini Melissa launched its new line earlier this month.  It is a home run!  There are some pretty happy little girls right about now. Some of the highlights include amazing metallics, the cutest ever pugs, ducky rain boots, and Cinderella's glass slippers.  As always the little girl shoes tend to run about a size smaller than true-to-size, the big girl shoes are pretty much true-to-size, and all...

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Livie & Luca Sizing & Shipping

Livie & Luca Smockingbird Spring

The first few shipments of spring Livie & Lucas are here, and they are gorgeous!  We are loving the vibrant colors and fun new designs.  The shoes are shipping to us in unusual chunks this season.  Rather than have you wait until we have your entire order in-hand, we are shipping shoes as they arrive. We have already shipped all of the preorders for petals, skippers, pios, baby shoes, and rose, cornflower, and pearl ruche.  In the next week or so we should receive the yellow ruche and cartas.  We will keep you updated on our Facebook page as more Livies ship, arrive, and head to you! Now that we have...

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How to Hang Up a Tank Dress

Life Lessons Smockingbird Spring Tank Dress

Ok - I know, I know - you know how to hang up a little girl's dress - right? Well I'm here to tell you that you could be doing it all wrong! Nobody wants loose, baggy straps or a stretched bodice, so do yourself a favor and check out our wee short video where Ingrid explains how to hang your Smockingbird tank dress correctly.   <br/> And if you haven't seen our wonderful Flower Child tank dress as featured in this video you can take a closer look here. xoxo Smockingbird

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