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News — Mixing it Up

All Things Positive

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I love that there are so many fun positive message tees available for kids right now!  If your little one is going to wear a t-shirt, why not have it be one with sweet words of encouragement - inspiration - all things positive?   Here are a few of my favorites. We aren't above mixing up our boutique pretties with a little Tar-Jay here and there, and yesterday we scored the softest ever top.  Inspire Someone Today.  What a perfect goal for the day!  I love it.  It's long and lean and looks amazing with black leggings.  I seriously wish it came in mommy sizes!! I've been eyeing a few online...

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Boden Boots Brands We Love Girl Time Hunter Layering Livie & Luca Matilda Jane Mixing it Up Smockingbird Smockingbirdies Spring Tarjay Toms

It's that time of year that feels like a giant seasonal mash-up.  Snow followed by warm sunny days.  Frost on tulips.  Torrential cold rain and then the most perfect weather imaginable.   We've been bouncing all over the winter to spring spectrum. A number of packages were waiting for us after some time out of town, so we decided to do a little fashion mash-up of anything and everything the mailman brought.  It's fun to mix it up with different brands and styles and see what works.  If your rule of purchase is to buy only pieces you love, there's a good...

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