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Smockingbird Photo Shoot!

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So this is one of the most special things, ever.  It's one of those times I realize that this little business is so much more than pretty dresses.  My friend surprised me with a Smockingbird photo shoot.

Not only did Jill organize everything, get a workout photographing a group of girlies, and edit tons of photos so that everyone could have individual shots to enjoy, she opened her closet to share with all of the Smockingbirdies who came.

I don't think we've ever had a Smockingbird photo shoot.  It is so sweet to see years of work come to life in these photos.  DIfferent seasons, different styles, different years, all together in one darling shoot near Dallas. 

I love how the dresses work together.  Even as my style has evolved over the past five years, you can see the consistent voice behind the designs.  What a sweet trip down memory lane!!   I have too many favorites to share, but had to show y'all at least some of these amazing photos.

Aren't these the cutest photos, ever?!  Thank you so much, Jill.  You warmed my heart with this sweet gesture.  Love you big.




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