Designed by an artist and sewn by hand with love.
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Grunge Lyfe

"Thank you for the tragedy, I need it for my art."  - Kurt Cobain 


Meet the Smockingbird grunge lineup.  This showcase was an opportunity to create an original, diverse collection with the pulse of the 90s.  I only owned one flannel in college, so this was a bit outside my wheelhouse!  But as an artist I'm always up for a challenge to think outside the box and create something fresh, so I turned up the music and dove right in.  

Silhouettes and fabrics came together and gave way to an idea for the perfect graffiti grunge photo shoot.  My team worked with me to make the vision (and sometimes the crazy) come to life.  We curated the right flannels, skullcaps, ripped tights and docs, added grunge band backstage passes for another layer of musical cool, and turned to finding fantastic graffiti walls that would set off the pieces with the right colors and vibe. 

I couldn't be more proud of my team and the unique, original, beautiful and fierce photos they worked so hard to create.  Sometimes the best walls were in the seedy underbellies of big cities and they went there, too!   The styling is some of the most creative and best I have ever seen.  Like a good song, it is inspiring, rich, and leaves you wanting more.

All of the elements layer beautifully to tell a story of finding beauty in unlikely places -- from tragedy to mismatched fabrics -- always with a unique voice and forever to the beat of 90s Seattle.  It is grunge, it is timeless, it is a labor of love.  Thank you to my team for bringing these designs and this shoot to life.

Each limited edition piece is available in sizes 12M-12 and will be sewn to order.  Enjoy photos and descriptions below, and plan to shop this link at 9 PM EST tonight:



Soundgarden, $56

Soundgarden is the quintessential skater dress. A girly floral-plaid mashup meets a flirty hemline in this classic grunge silhouette. Perfect for layering with your best ripped tights.


Mudhoney, $56

Buffalo plaid and the best vintage stripe are grungealicious mismatched perfection on our skater dress.  Mudhoney is equal parts girly and edgy.  Wear it as a tunic or make a statement with this classic short silhouette.

Nirvana, $63

Do it up all the way with flannels, skullcaps, ripped tights, and docs, or have fun with a simple edgy look. Our graffiti Quinn dress is a modern-vintage twist on the 90s . . . and a bit of Nirvana.

Alice In Chains, $44

Graffiti crop: layer or show some belly!  Alice In Chains is vibrant, soft knit and the perfect pop of color to make  wow statement.  Adorable under overall cutoffs.


Prince, $56

This high-low tunic (or vintage-length dress if you want to rock it that way) features violet plaid and tearful doves in a nod to the music legend.  Prince is ready to rock your grunge world.

Everclear, $56

Get your backstage pass ready to style this high-low tunic. A must for all grungies, groupies, and music lovers.  This one's going out to all the cool kids.  Please note the Everclear I'm With The Band tunic will be sewn with different floral trim than shown.

Pearl Jam, $58

A funky mix of mod dots and swirly reds, oranges, and blacks -- with sparkles -- meets our racerback maxi. This bold explosion of pattern texture and color screams anything goes . . . and oh the places you'll go. Pearl Jam is soft, slinky, and sassy.

Smashing Pumpkins, $68

A grunge collection wouldn't be complete without a flannel showstopper. This maxi skirt is sourced from vintage finds, pieced in uneven strips and mismatched plaids and textures, and hand-died so that the ends fade out into oblivion. Intentionally raw hems, random shirt pockets and buttons, a full skirt, and a lot of character make each piece a OOAK masterpiece.  Smashing Pumpkins is sewn from warm red and orange plaids.  If you cart Smashing Pumpkins please reply to the confirmation email with your waist measurement at the belly button and the length from belly button to floor (or ankle if you prefer shorter).

Green River, $68 (not pictured)

Our OOAK flannel maxi skirt is also available in cool tones.  Green River is sewn from blue and green plaids.   If you cart Green River please reply to the confirmation email with your waist measurement at the belly button and the length from belly button to floor (or ankle if you prefer shorter).

Here is the link for 9 PM EST tonight:

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