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Big Dreams and Pretty Things

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Big dreams and pretty things.  That sums up the business plan.  

This has been an adventure, and while not always easy, any journey that falls in the "follow your dreams" category is an important one.   Owning a children's clothing company and making pretty little dresses is something I wanted to do forever.  Nearly 4 years and more than a few sleepless nights later, I am still learning.  Some days I wonder what in the world I am doing.  But then I start playing with fabric and designs, and beautiful pieces emerge, and my inbox is full of sweet girls wearing my pretties, and all is right with the world.   It has been incredibly rewarding to create my own path, one dress at a time.  

One of the best and yet most unexpected treasures of this journey has been the friendships I have made along the way.  I stand on the shoulders of giants!  It has taken some culling, some gambles, and some luck, but I have the best. team. ever.  They make me look so good and make this adventure not only rewarding but also a lot of fun.  I'm not sure which came first -- whether my friends became my team or my team became my friends -- but either way I am fortunate to be in such good company.   My team challenges me and gives the best feedback.  They offer fresh perspectives and some of the best fabric and design ideas.  They grow the business beyond anything I could do on my own.  They are the sweetest women I have never met.  And they love pretty things, too.  

I have never been one to buy just to fill a spot.  I purchase what I love and find beautiful, even if that means going without a living room sofa for a while until I can get exactly what I want. (True story.)  Over time I've developed a collection of pretty things.  Some are sorta nice, some are meaningful only to me, all make me smile.  This Chagall painting is one of my special pieces.  

I love how Chagall's work is so dreamy.  Saturated colors, beautiful flowers, people floating over rooftops, and an occasional bird and goat thrown in for good measure.  It's grounded in reality, but his fresh take on it.   That's what I'm looking for in life and what I hope to convey in my designs.  

Oh, and yes, that's a large horse in the foyer.  I have a thing for horses.  There's a saddle in my office.  And the head filled with tiny heads wearing party hats?   My amazing friend Kina Crow made that for me.  It's called "The Reason I Don't Sleep At Night."  It's so me: brown hair, green eyes, a touch of insomnia. (See above, ha ha.)  But really, it's all about Chagall in the foyer.  I see it coming and going, and it reminds me to dream big and create a life full of pretty things.  

SO Chagall seemed the perfect name for a dress I'm particularly proud of.  It is simple but full of lovely details, like contrasting turquoise pockets and the sweetest lace trim.  It is timeless, seasonless, gorgeous, dreamy, and seriously perfect on every age.  It's a wow dress, and a pretty thing.  And I hope your girlies love it as much as it made me happy to create it. 

Here's to big dreams, pretty things, and the lovely women behind the scenes that make it all happen.  Thank you as always for supporting this little business!  



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