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Christmas Vacation

Holiday ro-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oad, holiday roooooooooooad.   You know how some songs just stick with you?  Well the theme song from Christmas Vacation is synonymous with holidays for me.  It also has been a soundtrack for my life.  It's one of those movies my family has watched so many times over the years that we all have it memorized. So when I was thinking about names for this festive Knithaus release, Christmas Vacation names seemed to be a perfect fit.

Christmas Vacation isn't just a movie in this family. It's part of the culture, the logos, the language we speak to each other.  Like a slightly (mostly) irreverent code, it's our dry humor inside joke for pretty much everything.  Difficult situation?  "Shitter's full."  Weather cold?  "It's a bit nipply outside."  Someone acting crazy?  "She wrapped her cat?!"  Going tree shopping?  "Where are you going to put that thing?  Bend over and I'll show you."  Sending a photo of your tree to dad? "You taught me everything I know about exterior illumination."  Breaking the ice on an awkward situation? "Can't see the lines now can you Russ?"  It's a script that has woven its warped way into our language and hearts.  My sister and I can have an entire conversation with only Griswold quotes.  It's really a gift.

My friends have picked up on this subtle obsession.  I have several Griswald ornaments gracing the tree.  A festive Griswald pillow comes out every winter.   It all adds the perfect festive touch to my home and I love that over the years I have found so many friends who also know Christmas Vacation by heart.  I travel so much during the year that it's the one time I can actually decorate and have the decorations down before the next holiday. 

Anyhow! Let me introduce you to Clark, Ellen, Russ, Audrey, Ruby Sue, and Cousin Eddie.  I seriously love what my team did with these dresses.  This photo shoot was a blast and the vintage Christmas lights were the perfect touch to tie it all together.  I also love all of the styling!  Like my Christmas Vacation memories, so many of these work all year long.  I always love creating pretties that will work for the holiday but not be limited to them.

Russ - stripes! Red and green are edgy and fun and lay beautifully on this full skirt.  This one is a must for all holiday aficionados. 

Cousin Eddie - red buffalo plaid.  It looks equally fab with a fur stole and with a skullcap and leather jacket.  And of course it matches Cousin Eddies buffalo plaid hat with the ear flaps.  Classic and classy, it will take you from uptown to the tenement on wheels. 

Audrey - the best green, somewhere between spearmint and mistletoe.  This one will work all year!  I looove it with the striped tights Kate paired it with and can't wait to see what she does for St. Patty's. 

Ellen - a classic fair isle print with reindeers, hearts, and snowflakes over a light ground.  This one also reminds me of the moose head mugs the Griswolds use for eggnog. 

Ruby Sue - Santa red!  This is another closet staple that will take you from Christmas to Valentine's and back. 

and of course,

Clark - little red cars bearing trees are the ultimate Griswold print.  This one has gotten so much love that even though it is super limited I have added some custom spots too.  

See you under the Knithaus tab at 8 PM EST.

Happy holidays, y'all!  Hallelujah, holy shit.





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