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Smockingbirdies take American Girl Store!

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This post is completely overdue, but still worth sharing because the Smockingbirdies had the best time.  The girls received American Girl dollies from Santa a couple of years ago.  They have a pretty nice assortment of clothing and accessories at this point and seem to really enjoy them.  But the girls had never been to the AG store themselves!  

So, we made it a girls day.  The Smockingbirdies brought their dollies and a pet, and we headed to AG Atlanta with appointments for hair, reservations for the bistro, and plenty of time to look and shop.

The hair salon is really something!  There is a catalog of endless styles and upgrades to choose from, and there are several hairstylists on hand to do your dolly's hair.  You pick your style and go browse in the shop, and they call you when it's go time.  The little hair styling chairs are adorable, and the stylists work right in front of you so the Smockingbirdies could watch and choose their ribbons.  I think they picked great colors!

Prices vary widely depending on the style, but there were plenty of reasonable options.  The girls loved picking out hairdos for their dollies.  I seriously don't know how the stylists got the hair snarls untangled.  That alone was worth the trip!  The girls really seemed to enjoy the salon visit.  It's a popular destination and there was a bit of a line by the time we left.  Going early worked well.


The girls were eager to get back to checking out all the AG toys!  They have many options set up right at Smockingbirdy height to make it easy for them to play.  They particularly enjoyed the pet washing station and the tv room with a sofa and itsy bitsty DVD player.  We looked all over until it was time for lunch.


Lunch was a blast.  The AG bistro was hopping with shoppers and birthday parties, so reservations were a must.  The Smockingbirdies LOVED dining with their dollies!  Each dolly had its own seat attached to the table as well as a tiny teacup and plate.    There were several nice kiddo options on the menu and each came with an appetizer.  Mollie went with pretzel bites and pizza, and Sophie had fruit and a salad with grilled chicken.  The salmon on the mommy menu was surprisingly good!  

The food was well done and the bistro experience was wonderful.  There was a ton of activity in the bistro, so service could have been better, but the girls didn't seem to care.  They got really excited each time a birthday cake and singers came out (that happened several times while we were there), we played some "questions on a card" game that was on each table, and mostly the Smockingbirdies just soaked in having a big girl lunch and watching everything going on.  Each kiddie meal came with a sundae, so the girls were all sugared up and ready to shop!

They circled back to their favorite toys, made some new friends, and decided what they'd like to purchase.  They are so cute and after seeing a million options they still settled on what they had hoped to find, a little bed for their pets.   We threw in a few pet toys and an outfit and checked out.  The girls were stoked to carry their huge AG shopping bags out.  Sophie was fast asleep on the way home, and Mollie couldn't stop talking about the visit.  I think it was a success.  


All in all it was a great visit to the AG store, and I'd recommend it to any dolly lover as a special treat.  The Smockingbirdies were 4 and 6 (almost 7) when we went, and those were good ages for the experience.  Some of the tiny girls in the bistro didn't seem to know what was going on.   Maybe ages 3-8 would be ideal?  The Atlanta store was a good size in terms of plenty of options, lots to see, and not TOO overwhelming.  Santa has been to the one in NYC on 5th Avenue a couple of times and it tends to be insane, so I was glad to find one floor of fun and not three!  Thumbs up from the Smockingbirdies.






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