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In case you missed the scads of posts and photos on our Facebook page, Smockingbird has been busy with something extra special this week.

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We're all about paying it forward at Smockingbird.  Our business philosophy itself is pretty much that: do the right thing and the money will follow.  So we were excited to hear that NewDayNewDeals was organizing the #LoveTrain2014.  All aboard the LoveTrain, y'all!

Joining the #LoveTrain was easy peasy.  Children across the country made handmade valentines and picked up festive goodies to send to children at St. Jude's Cancer Research Hospital.  What a sweet way to spread love to those less fortunate!  I just love when everybody comes together in simple ways that together make a big difference.

So the Smockingbirdies made some really pretty valentines.

s valentine.jpg

And they raided the valentine's section at Tar-Jay.  Would you believe not ONCE did they ask if they could keep any of these fun little gifts?  They were totally in the giving spirit.


And then they decorated a box with hearts and packed it up!  They packed like pros, slinging crayons and coloring books like champs.

Don't mind the dead grass.  It didn't stop our fun at all.

The Smockingbirdies filled it to the top with homemade love and took it to the post office.  It's winging its way somewhere over Kansas right about now.

photo 4 (3).JPG

That's what we call winning.  Even better, NewDayNewDeals offered $1500 in prizes from a bunch of small businesses for anybody who participated.  How sweet!   It's not too late to enter to win the drawing for prizes (enter through 2/8/14), but most importantly there's plenty of time to make and send a valentine.  Do it!  Such a rewarding experience.  Details here:

Happy Valentine's Day!

XOXO Smockingbird

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