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It's that time of year that feels like a giant seasonal mash-up.  Snow followed by warm sunny days.  Frost on tulips.  Torrential cold rain and then the most perfect weather imaginable.   We've been bouncing all over the winter to spring spectrum.

A number of packages were waiting for us after some time out of town, so we decided to do a little fashion mash-up of anything and everything the mailman brought.  It's fun to mix it up with different brands and styles and see what works.  If your rule of purchase is to buy only pieces you love, there's a good chance a lot of it will go well together.  In the process you can create a fashion identity that is uniquely yours.

So here's our impromptu fashion mash-up show!

This is last fall's Matilda Jane blossom lap dress, basic Gymboree leggings, and Hatley splash rain boots.  When we buy MJ it's usually a soft knit top or dress.  The lap dresses are super comfy, easy for independent dressers to pull on, and seem to hold up well.  The girls LOVE their Hatley boots and are always out in the yard playing, splashing, gardening, and generally merrymaking in them.  They are extremely high quality and very cute worn over jeans or leggings to snazz up an outfit.  Hatley has no shortage of fun colors.  Last year's red and white striped Hatleys may be my all time favorite, but I have a soft spot for navy, too.  I have my eye on some preppy pink and green ones for next year.  These boots run about $53, but if you keep an eye out for a deal you can get them for a steal.  These were $11 shipped from Nordies.  By the way -- if it's that good of a deal you will probably hear about it on our Facebook page.

This is the sprouting peasant top from Matilda Jane's spring Wonderful Parade collection.  It's super soft and a welcome simple design, although to me the sizing is a little off.   MJ's clothing spans two sizes: they sell sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 intended to last two years each.  In reality it means nothing ever fits quite right.   A little big, a little small, one size that "fits" both a two and a five-year-old - they call it an "unpredictable clothing company" and that it is.   But hey, wear it more as a tunic over some simple Gymbo leggings and it works!   The shoes are navy Toms   Those were a great dealio on Zulily.  Love the Zu.  The Tiny Toms have a Velcro patch that makes it easy for little ones to put on and rip off, and they are cute with leggings, dresses, shorts, dresses, everything.  Can't wait to pair them with an upcoming preppy Smockingbird whale dress!  They also are closed toed which is a big plus for school.

More Matilda Jane - this is the Blue Bonnett Pearl Dress from their spring collection, worn with Hatley rain boots.  Why not?  It's fun to get dressed up to check the mailbox.

Love this outfit!  This is Boden's bunny applique skirt, a Tarjay top, grape Livie and Luca Petals, and a Peppercorn Kids necklace.   You might recall from an earlier post that we scored this skirt for $10 shipped ($54 less than retail).  It is even more adorable in person.  Thumbs up.

And here's one more MJC top.  This one ran a little big, and the fabric wasn't as soft as the others, but I liked the square neckline and flutter sleeves.  It was a perfect match to Smockingbird's Sunshine Ruffled Shorties and looked adorable with Dolce & Gabbana's oversized tan sunglasses.  Uncle Matt calls them "Sweet and Gabbana."  LOL.

Anyhow, it was fun to spend time opening packages and putting together a few fashion mash-ups with my darling Smockingbirdy.  While we were outside I noticed the birds were busy making nests, so that's good sign spring is not too far away.

XO Smockingbird

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