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Less is More

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Why is it that when you go on vacation everything seems so much more simple?  There’s a relaxed rhythm to our days here at the beach, which involve lazy mornings, breakfasts on the deck, and fun in the ocean. The biggest decisions we have to make are what will we eat for dinner, and which pretty dresses shall we wear?


One of the biggest contributing factors to this easy-going lifestyle is having fewer choices to make.  While preparing for our trip, I agonized over what clothes to bring for the girls (believe me - we have a LOT to choose from), what food to bring, what clothes to bring for myself, and all the other "stuff" we might need. Then I spent a few days scrubbing, vacuuming, picking up endless amounts of toys, and catching up with laundry so I could come back to a nice clean house. Going on vacation is hard work!

smockingbird closet

Here at the beach it seems that clean up is done easily, we are not tripping over toys everywhere, and my choices are limited. I can see every beautiful dress the girls have, it's easy for them to choose what they want to wear, and I am happy with whatever they select.  Dinner choices are easy as I don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen and it’s all simple healthy fare - with a little ice cream thrown in for good measure.

We simply have less stuff here.  The girls each took their American Girl dolls, Legos, and coloring books. That’s it.  They haven’t even really bothered to play with the Lego!



So I think when I get back home I’m going to try and cut back on the "stuff."  Gone are the mountains of never played with toys and random "stuff."  Of course there will always be the latest Smockingbird dresses in the girls’ wardrobes.  But a few quality pieces that they love to wear is better than a closet crammed full of pieces purchased solely because they were good value. But is it really a good value if they don't wear it, or if it falls apart after one wear?  No.  Less is truly more.  I am simplifying all aspects of my life, getting rid of the clutter and only keeping what I really love. At least that’s what I’m thinking about while sitting here on the beach…



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