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Snow Day!

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How to spend a snow day Smockingbird style?  Pretend it's warm and have a big girl date with spring clothes and pedicures!

Sophie is 6 now, and it is such a great age.  Sarah Blevins at OurLittleLifeStyle talks about how age 6 tolls the sweet spot in a mother-daughter relationship, and she's so right.   Sophie is so much fun to spend time with, and especially one-on-one.   I love that she wants to "hang out," as she says.

We did a quick photo shoot modeling some of Smockingbird's new collection.  The bright colors and fun dresses were a ray of sunshine on a cold day.   We also tried out Matilda Jane's Hello Lovely line.   MJ's pearls are always a hit with the Smockingbirdies because they are so soft, and the new Tulip Festival Dress is no exception.  It is the prettiest green.   It looks cute with the Something Special Cardigan, which has sweet details like buttons with contrasting thread and a stitch in the back to keep the belt from falling off.  Brilliant!

We added some Red Wagon Baby leggings that have hearts on the knees.  I picked those up at Zulily a few months ago, and although they took a while to ship, they were worth the wait.  They are thick and soft and adorable in person.  Sophie asked if she could wear them forever, so that's a big thumbs up for the brand.  Livie & Luca fuschia pios finished the look.  They actually match pretty much everything in the new line.  If I had to pick just one pair of shoes for spring, that would be it.   And since it's still snowing three days before March, we added a Boden quilted jacket before venturing out into the snow.   So we fueled up on Robin's Eggs, grabbed blanky, and headed for pedicures.

I love Sophie's confidence -- she knew exactly which colors of nail polish would look best  She wanted red on her left foot and blue on the right.  She settled right into her massage chair, chatted about school and little sis and all things 6, giggled when her foot was scrubbed, and nicely reminded the lady which color went on which foot.

It was a fun afternoon of pampering . . . so much fun, she fell asleep on the way home. <3


 xo Smockingbird


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