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Fall Livie & Lucas

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Fall Livie and Lucas are here.  They are adorable!

It's all about the BABY this fall.  Livie and Luca baby shoes are the cutest on the market!!  Tiny versions of favorite styles make for great baby shower gifts and big sister-little sister matches.  The details on the baby shoes are amazing, from the stretchy ankle to the tiny grips on the sole.  Precious!

Petals are a girl's best friend.  Sweet as ever, this season's colors include gorgeous silver and bronze with glitter details.  These are neutral enough to match everything and sparkly enough for holiday fashion.  The new dark green is so pretty!  The color is somewhere between turquoise and green and matches everything in that spectrum.  If you like Well Dressed Wolf, you NEED the green shoes for their new Bird on a Wire dress!  Black patent is back for another season, too.   It is so versatile and such a popular colorway!

Ruche are our go-to for school and playgrounds. Don't let the sweet ruffle detail fool you, these shoes are sturdy.  They stand up to monkey bars and wild children and have a Velcro closure that makes getting ready that much easier for independent dressers.  

Girly magenta shimmer is back for another season.  It's timeless!  Cobalt blue is stunning and a perfect match to so many pieces the new Matilda Jane Friends Forever line.  Black gold is super chic and versatile.  The two-part color overlay process makes the color change depending on the lighting.  

Pios are the Smockingbirdies' favorite style.  They are adorable, comfy, and the turf sole is springy and great for running around!  And of course we have a thing for birds here at Smockingbird.  Grape leather and grey suede are back for another season, and the two new colors are spot on for fall fashion.  Marigold suede and coral suede are stunning!  The marigold pios have a glittery gold bird sparkles in the sun.  Coral is the new black for 2015 and will coordinate with your favorite pieces from spring to fall.  Both are must-haves for your fall closet.  Don't be afraid of suede.  A $5 suede/nubuck brush will keep them clean all season. 

Toi tois are another fall favorite!  Sophie loves these shoes and thinks they help her run faster.  :)  This style is a fun mix of vintage and modern.  The classic mary jane silhouette is updated with a woven tongue, and there are little sparkles hiding in between the criss cross design.  Toi tois are on the same trac sole as petals, and they run slightly smaller than TTS in sizes 10-13, so check the size chart to see if you need to size up.

Skippers are a whimsical style new to 2015.  They are comfy like sneakers.  This fall the Nordic pattern is cute as ever and reminds me of a fair isle cardigan.  The pink trim is gorgeous, and the aqua stitching on the button makes me so happy.  We love sweet details.  Skippers are perfect for dressing up jeans and a tee.

Harpers are in sizes 10-Youth 1, and they are super cute in vintage navy and silver metallic.  With its velcro strap, Harpers are pretty much the perfect school shoe for girlies with bigger feet. 

Finally, boots land August 18th!  Mark your calendars for the best selection.  Here's peek at the new and improved Marchitas,  now called Tiempos.  The buttons are stitched on and have a two-tone gold overlay.  Fuschia and taupe suede and blue-gold and honey-gold leather are a gorgeous start to winter.

 Happy shopping!

XO Smockingbird


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